Thursday, July 21, 2011


It was our daughter’s fifth birthday, and we had invited a few friends to come over and join in the celebration. Among those invited were a family from Japan that we had recently befriended. New to our country, they were eager to observe birthday celebrations in America.
Our daughter’s excitement turned to disappointment when the rain began to fall down on her special day. She had picked out a pinata for the party, and she knew that the gloomy weather meant no pinata festivities. Seeing her disappointment, my husband quickly improvised. He grabbed a cardboard box and filled it with all of the pinata goodies. He placed the box on top of his head and began to parade around the house. His enthusiasm was contagious and in no time, all of the children were following in the fun, laughing up a storm of their own. My husband began dropping the candy and party favors down onto the children. They had such a good time as it "rained" treats on their heads.
Two weeks later, we were invited to the home of our Japanese friends to celebrate their daughter’s birthday. They had an amazing Japanese buffet, and we were all very comfortable in their home with its Japanese foods and customs. But imagine our surprise when the dad came into the room with a cardboard box on his head. He began throwing goodies down onto all of the children, eager to participate in an "American" tradition.

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