Saturday, July 23, 2011


"Prayer doesn't fit us for the greater work, prayer is the greater work!"
~ Oswald Chambers

Is there a greater privilege in all the world than to be able to go to God in prayer anytime, anywhere, with any request? To me, this is mind-boggling. I cannot grasp the fact that the One who created the entire universe and all that is in it...the One who sustains it all and keeps it in perfect balance...the One who knows all and sees everything...the One who is the all-powerful Alpha and ready and waiting patiently for me to run to Him. This is simply too wonderful to wrap my little brain around!
But let's face it. This truth is even harder to grasp when life deals a devestating blow. A job loss, a child's illness, a broken marriage, a shattered dream, a friend's betrayal can make it seem impossible to pray, let alone expect a response. When I get knocked off my feet, physical...mental...emotional and spiritual exhaustion take up residence. The silence seems deafening between God and me. I beat myself up for not being more "spiritual". I wonder why I can't seem to pray as I should. And I wonder what God must think of me.
Here's what helps me pull myself out of this pit ~ as a mom, I can look back and know that I did not wait until my child could effectively communicate to me when he/she was upset before I would open wide my arms to love them. Their tears, groans, and cries spoke volumes to me, and I held them and soothed their spirits. No words were necessary. Is God any less loving and compassionate? Any less understanding? To me, this is a powerful reminder that every tear shed, every groan rising out of me is heard by God, perfectly interpreted and received by my Abba Daddy. I think that, in God's eyes, prayer doesn't get more real than this.
This is my encouragement for you today ~ the next time you find yourself overwhelmed by life, too tired and beat up to formulate a prayer, know this ~ every groan and cry from your lips is a prayer soaring up to the ears and heart of God who longs to comfort and help you. No words are necessary. We just need to show up.
"Those who seek the throne of grace find that throne in every place; If we live a life of prayer, God is present everywhere."  ~ Oliver Holden         

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