Tuesday, July 19, 2011


God in His loving wisdom faithfully equips us for the lives He calls us to live. One of His earliest lessons for me was that He has the sovereign ability to heal.
It was in October of 1987 that I got my first personal revelation of this truth. Until I experienced it firsthand with my husband, I thought of God’s healing as something that happened only in Biblical times.
We live in Southern California, and one early Sunday morning, we got a wake-up call when the ground underneath us began to shake. We lived in an old two-story bungalow at the time; our second story was a new addition that we hadn’t totally completed yet. It was liveable, but still lacked some of the finishing touches. Our entire family except our oldest son were occupying bedrooms in our new upstairs. Joe, our oldest, was in our downstairs bedroom. When the ground started shaking, my husband’s immediate reaction was to get to our oldest son who was alone downstairs. As he headed for the staircase, the movement underneath my husband’s feet flung him forward, and down the stairs he flew...literally!
One of those finishing touches we hadn’t completed in our addition was the stair's railing. When he flew down the stairs, he impaled himself on an open beam set in place for the railing. The beam went into his chest upon impact, missing his heart by a fraction of an inch.
My husband got up, walked around, picked the toppled television up off the floor and went to check on Joe. Seeing that our son was fine, he went into the bathroom to take a look at his chest to see why it felt wet to his touch. Within seconds, he was passed out on the bathroom floor. He spent most of that day in the Emergency Room where the medical staff cleaned him up, removed the wood from his chest, and told him he was very lucky to be alive.
Days and weeks went by and his wound wouldn’t heal. Instead, it grew infected. A blood clot the size of a walnut formed near his wound, dangerously close to his heart. He went to a cardiovascular surgeon who suggested surgery even though he wasn’t sure what was causing the infection or the blood clot.
Uncomfortable with the whole idea of surgery, some friends came over one morning and laid hands on my husband and prayed for him. We were astounded when we realized that the blood clot went from the size of a walnut to the size of a pea during the prayer time. Later that night in bed I asked my husband if he had seen any other changes in his chest since the prayer session. He responded, "You mean something like this?", and pulled out a piece of wood from the wound the doctor had missed. The mystery of what caused the infection and the blood clot was solved, resolved, and his wound healed, leaving a beautiful scar as our daily reminder.
Does God still heal today? While I don’t understand the mysteries of when, why, who, and how it all happens, I can say with confidence that our God is a God who heals. My husband carries with him the scar to prove it.
"But for you who receive My name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings." ~ Malachi 4:2

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