Tuesday, May 29, 2012


"The depths of our spirituality does not depend upon changing the things we do, but in doing for God what we ordinarily do for ourselves."
~Brother Lawrence

"My cup is empty, my mind is blank, and I feel like a dried up sponge without an ounce left to squeeze out of me." That is how I felt the past few days. Empty. Nothing left to give. Washed up.

I sat each morning with my journal nestled on my lap, my favorite pen in hand ~ and NOTHING to show for it. Words that usually flow out of me with such ease were being blocked, held hostage. Worse yet was the thought that they were gone, lost in what felt like the blink of an eye.

What will I do if I can't write? My anxiety over this thought only worsened the situation. As hours stretched into days of dryness, I began to realize how much of my identity is wrapped up in writing. Dozens of journals and several boxes filled with things I have written line my attic walls. They date back to my early teens, and are a testimony of the fact that writing is more than a hobby to me. It's a lifeline...a passion...a deep need in me. Writing devotionals for my little world of readers is my ministry. Writing fiction is the artist in me expressing herself. If I can't write, what will I do? This thought was sobering...and unnerving.

Today I sit with my favorite items surrounding me ~ my Bible, frayed but still readable...my journals, representing my heart...my IPad (a handy tool for finding quotes)...and the treasured pen my son and daughter-in-law gave to me. Once again, the words are flowing ~ out of my spirit and onto the pages.

The past few days taught me a lot. I need to write! It's a huge part of who I am, and who I was created to be. I am reminded that the words appearing on paper aren't necessarily my own. I have a Source that inspires me to write what is on my heart and mind. And the dry seasons ~ they have a purpose, too. They bring clarity, appreciation, and renewed determination to press on.

Whether it's penning words in my journal, caring for our home, or spending time with loved ones, I want to live my life reverently. Will you join me as I explore this sacred approach to living?

"To be wise you must first have reverence for the Lord. If you know the Holy One, you have understanding."
~Proverbs 9:10

"We seldom realize fully that we are sent to fulfill God-given tasks. We act as if we were simply dropped down in creation and have to decide to entertain ourselves until we die. But we were sent into the world by God...Once we start living our lives with that conviction, we will soon know what we were sent to do."
~Henri J. M. Nouwen    

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