Friday, July 27, 2012


It's just an old VW camper that has sat in our driveway for months. When we acquired it, we had lofty ideas of fixing it up inside and out. We dreamed together about the places we'd visit in our humble abode on wheels.

The vehicle had sat in storage for years. When it arrived at our home, it was filthy. Bits and pieces of trash filled the crevices; little trinkets that may have been treasures to a previous owner were scattered throughout. As we worked diligently at emptying and scrubbing, I tried not to think about the critters...spiders, mice, fleas...that may have taken residence in our "new" camper. I pressed on alongside my husband, thinking how nice it would be when it was finished.

We never progressed further than our initial clean-up. Funds intended for her makeover had to be redirected to pay for unexpected home repairs and medical bills. Clean but nowhere to go, the VW became home for all of our camping equipment. Could there be a better place to store camping gear than in a camper?

Over time, our dreams for the van faded. It became a source of frustration instead of pleasure. The fact that we'd likely never get it restored and running sank in. Gone were the hopes of taking it on road trips and travel adventures.

Time to sell. Yesterday we had an interested party come and see the camper. He wants a project he can work on with his son. I showed him the interior and boasted of our hard work in cleaning her up. A wave of sentiment washed over me. As I revisited our dreams, I wanted to cling to our VW a little longer.

I couldn't help but envision my sister in her thirty-something foot luxury motor home as I began to mourn over our paralyzed vehicle. I felt silly for grieving the pending loss of our tired little van. Once again, I pictured us nestled in the cozy little space, heating water on the burner for some tea, playing cards while we listened to the pitter patter of rain dancing on its roof. And I realized that each dream, big or small, has its own charm and gifts to offer.

Happy trails to all!

"A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers." ~Author Unknown     

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