Saturday, August 11, 2012


"Be faithful in marriage." ~Exodus 20:14, Contemporary English Version

It's just a ring...something to wear in place of my wedding band while my finger heals. Four very long weeks ago, I fell and broke my ring finger. As hard as I try, my rings won't make it past my enlarged knuckle. It's been naked ever since. Well, not completely naked. I have tape wrapped around it to hold it in place to prevent further damage.  

There have been a couple of other times when I went through a season of "no wedding rings"; when I was pregnant, and when I had to take steroids for a hip condition. Both times, my swollen fingers left me no choice but to put my rings away for a while. I didn't like it then. I dislike it even more now.

I remember the message our pastor gave about our rings and their significance during our wedding service. He encouraged us to think about our vows everytime we looked down at our rings, and remember the sacred promises we made during their exchange. They were to be our daily reminder that we belonged solely to one another...for better or worse...for as long as we live.

Today my husband bought me a new ring. It's nothing fancy. In fact, if I told you how much it cost, you might scoff at the paltry price tag and deem it unacceptable for a wedding band. But the ring itself isn't what matters. It's what the ring represents, and the daily reminder that I am my husband's and no one else's.

The seventh Commandment is such a personal, delicate, and sometimes painful subject. I want to tread carefully and respectfully. I also want to dig a bit deeply into it. Many are carrying wounds that infidelity inflicted. For their sake as well as my own, I don't want to gloss over something so intensely significant. I hope you will join me as I walk gently into this topic. May we all be blessed, built up, and encouraged as we explore what it means to "Be faithful in marriage."

"I choose faithfulness...Today I will keep my promises." ~Max Lucado

"I am not called to be successful. I am called to be faithful." ~Mother Teresa


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