Monday, January 21, 2013


I sit alone in peaceful admiration
immersed in God's glorious creation.
Trees in stately manner stand,
evidence of our Father's hand.
With faltering eyes, I can see
the hand of God in this old tree.
Its branches reaching for the sky
while birds are passing merrily by.
And I, in wonder, worship too
amidst the green and brown and blue.
The sun's descent is telling me
this day will end eventually.
If God is willing, I will know
another miraculous day unfold.
When wakes the day all fresh and new,
the trees will stretch amidst the blue.
Songs of birds will fill the air
reminding me that He is here.
And every problem, worry, care
if I, before Him, leave laid bare,
He'll tend to as He does each tree
because of His great love for me.
All of nature seems to sing
Hallelujah to our King.
Ears to listen, eyes to see
the hand of God in every tree.

Copyright 2013 by Julie Cowell. All rights reserved.

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