Sunday, July 21, 2013


I'd paint my thumb green if I thought it would help. I try. Really, I do. I stroll through the nursery and study the plants carefully. I make my selections as I envision the blossoms bursting with color. I dig the holes and add the soil mix, gently placing the plants in their new homes. I step back and imagine how the yard will look as they grow and mature.

Come to my house. See for yourself. Weeds of all shapes and sizes thrive on our property. But the plants I picked out, purchased and planted? They are hanging on for dear life. Some have already made their way into our green trash bin, a lost cause.

I long to have a beautiful garden! I want to possess the skills and a green thumb to make my dream garden come to life. But I fall short. Everytime. And I beat myself up. Because I am not gifted when it comes to gardening, and no amount of effort seems to make a difference.

But if you place a pen in my hand and a notebook on my lap, something else happens. I come alive. It's not so much about the final product as it is the process. Pen in hand, words pouring onto paper, I feel at home. I'm doing what comes naturally.

Writing is a form of worship for me. I believe we honor God when we are obedient to what we feel called to do. I may not be the most talented writer. And my words may appear like those weeds in my yard, untamely and unplanned. But we honor God when we use the tools He gives to us, whatever the gift may be.

I wish I could retire my spade and do only the activities that come easily. But life is a lot like school, and every lesson has a purpose. Pulling weeds and penning words are part of the package for me. One of the lessons I'm learning along the way is to embrace who I am. Strengths and weaknesses, gifts and flaws.

And always, always I'm called to do the work ~ what I do well and what I struggle at ~ with all my heart. When done unto Him, it's wondrous worship.

"Let every detail of your lives -- words, actions, whatever -- be done in the name of the Master, Jesus, thanking God the Father every step of the way."
~Colossians 3:17, The Message

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