Wednesday, January 14, 2015


A peace that passes understanding? Yes, that's it. Because I felt anything but peace. I felt attacked. Judged. Misunderstood. Insulted.

And that "peace"? I didn't expect it to wash over me like a tidal wave, drowning out those horrible, toxic feelings. So when it came unexpectedly, all I could do was whisper in wonder, "Thank you, thank you...".

I walked through the day as though I was treading on holy ground. Because, truth? I can't manufacture peace like that on my own. This radical, defying's not in me to create. It's all part of the GRACE package, a GIFT. What He literally died to give us.

All I did was to go to Him. "These feelings, take them! I'm giving them to you, Lord. I don't want to hold a grudge. I don't want to give anger permission to take up residence here."

"Forgive and leave it with Me." That's the message I got. "Okay Lord, I choose to forgive, and You can have it all. Take it, please take it. Thank you, thank you for being willing to take it away."

That's when it came, that rush of peace. Unexpected grace. Seeping in to the deepest crevices and hidden places, and washing all the toxins away.

The circumstances didn't change. No apologies, no confessions of how injurious and inappropriate the words were.

It doesn't matter. His peace does that. It silences the voices that harp on the injury. It opens the floodgates for grace to flow in. It releases the grip and deflates the power of the person who hurts you. It is freedom, pure and intoxicating liberation.

And I see ~ why on earth would I want to harbor anger, resentment, bitterness? Why would I make the choice to bask in feelings of woundedness? Knowing His peace was there...waiting, beckoning, wooing.

When He offers His peace in exchange for our pain? A peace that passes ALL understanding ~ it's too good to pass up!

"The peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."
~Philippians 4:7

Forget what hurt you but never forget what it taught you."
~Author Unknown

Copyright 2015 by Julie Cowell.

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