Friday, July 3, 2015


It hung from a cloud in the sky near our home. One big, puffy cloud with others scattered on the horizon to the west. No rain. Not even a hint of moisture in the air. Just that brilliant array of colors pouring down from that cloud, all pumped with glorious color as the sun bid farewell for the day.

My heart leapt with indescribable excitement. Capturing the image on my phone, I sent a hurried and emotionally charged text to my kids who were over five hundred miles away.

Their response made me tear up. "There's a rainbow on TV. Right when you sent this there was a rainbow on TV on the movie we're watching..." Followed by a photo of a rainbow. "First thing I see when I opened Instagram," my daughter added.

I was blown away.

What is so significant about simultaneous rainbow sightings? Let's begin with the rarity of a random rainbow making its way across our local evening sky.

But, there's more. The plea I had made in prayer minutes before, Lord, if I am misunderstanding what I believe to be Your calling on my life, will you please tell me? If I'm not on the right path, will you please SHOW me?!" 

I was feeling very battle weary. Vitriol on Facebook had me scratching my head in discouragement. I was lamenting over some of the messages I'd received. Head stuffy and body lethargic from a summer cold. Feeling completely misunderstood, labeled, judged.

MUCH like the people I feel called to love on, support, and serve. was just a glimpse. But I am beginning to really get a feel for their journey. Those who have been misunderstood. Labeled. Judged. Mistreated. Discriminated against.

That rainbow? And the other two appearing to my kids at the exact time, over five hundred miles away, at exactly the same moment in time (8:14, to be exact!)? I believe they were answers to this woman's plea ~ SHOW me! I want to get this one right!

A rainbow of all things!! As Facebook is overtaken by countless profile pics photo-shopped with rainbow colors to represent their support for a community of people who are rejoicing ~ finally feeling seen, heard, acknowledged.

How utterly fitting it seems. In my cries for direction and affirmation, I saw a rainbow. Dangling from a cloud. And what I heard in my spirit was this ~ Stay the course, my child. Stay the course.

I know. This is just one girl's experience. I know all the theological arguments and I never claim to have all the answers. But I know the One who does. And what I do have, is a love for people in the gay community, and for their families and friends.

Radical, eye-popping, hand-clapping love I did not...could not...manufacture on my own.

YOU are loved! And this woman of faith is here to proclaim ~ GOD LOVES YOU TOO!

May I never forget that colorful reminder.

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